NAAC 2018 Winter Driving Schools

Tired of being a white knuckled driver or being worried about a family member or friend driving during winter weather?

Consider attending one of our acclaimed winter driving schools and make winter driving something that you might even consider to be FUN.

We will be holding our winter driving schools (WDS) at the Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton NH.

This school is a low speed, safe event open to licensed driver’s of all ages, and all brands of cars, SUVs and even pickup trucks.

Go here for more information including how to register:


NAAC 2018 Event Calendar

Winter Driving School IJan 26, 27, 28Dalton, NHDriving event where snow and ice add to the fun.
Winter Driving School IIFeb 23, 25, 26Dalton, NHDriving event where snow and ice add to the fun.
General Membership meetingMarch 17 @1PMMoonStone - ChelmsfordAnnual Meeting where the Board will review what happened in 2017 and talk about 2018
Spring TourTBDTBDSpring tour on back roads to many "fun" places