2017 Annual Meeting & Election

Event Details

The NAAC annual meeting will be held at 1 PM on March 18 at Moonstones, 185 Chelmsford Rd. (Rt 110) in Chelmsford, MA. Those who wish can indulge in a late lunch (order off the menu) while we review last year’s events and finances, elect or re-elect board members for the coming year, and transact other club business. Oh, and a little socializing is not out of the question!

The annual meeting is followed by the regular meeting of the current and newly elected board members, during which we elect officers and discuss current business, including the 2017 event slate. NAAC members are welcome to stay for the board meeting if they wish.

The annual meeting is open to any NAAC member. If you cannot attend the meeting, please review the board member candidate statements below and vote on line by clicking here (you will need to log in or open an account with Motorsportreg). The 2017 North Atlantic Audi Club Election runs through  March 17, 2017.  Any ballots cast after March 17, 2017 will not be counted.



NAAC Director Candidates

Buddy Gregory
So who is William (Buddy) Gregory? Buddy is an engineer by training, consultant by trade and a car enthusiast / trainer by passion. Buddy’s car passion began when he bought his first sports car a Porsche 914. He began instructing for PCA back in 1976 and enjoys doing minor to moderate levels of maintenance on his cars: including brakes, timing belts and 4 wheel alignments. His current fleet of cars include: a 1979 911SC, 1999 A4, , 2005 A4 … German all the way.

Buddy got involved with the Audi Club about the time that God created dirt with a membership number of 2186 … real early in the club’s history. He really likes the attitude of the Audi Club members … friendly and always willing to help. Although he likes and still participates in high speed track driving, Buddy just can’t get enough of winter and loose surface driving. Buddy has served as NAAC Vice President in 2011 and 2012 and as President in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Buddy currently serves as NAAC’s treasurer. As a hands-on board member he has actively worked at increasing the number and variety of NAAC events to include: social events such as wine tasting, road rallies/tours, and auto restoration tours as well as seminars on engine performance, brakes, alignment, VAGCOM, Dynamometer and tires.

I would be more than honored to serve you as one of your Board members for the next 3 years.

Buddy Gregory

Charlie Learoyd
I have had virtually a lifetime interest in sports cars, starting in the early 60s with a Triumph TR-3. That eventually led to a long involvement with Porsches and an ongoing membership with the Northeast region of the Porsche Club of America. Having (perhaps temporarily) abandoned the Porsche camp, I currently own a 2015 S3, and a 2009 TT 2.0 coupe purchased very used about 5 years ago. Professionally, I am an Electrical Engineer, retired after a long career in satellite communications and related security engineering.

Back in 2014, Buddy Gregory, silver-tongued devil that he is, talked me into running for the NAAC board (my arm is still recovering). I managed to win a hard-fought election, and over the past couple of years have been serving as secretary, and as newsletter editor under my nom-de-plume of “Ed.” I also chaired several events including the 2015 Collings Foundation tour and the recent KTR Motorsports visit.

It would be my pleasure to serve another three-year term, and help the board manage the club and continue to bring interesting events to NAAC/ACNA members.

Cynthia Orejola
My name is Cindy Orejola. I have lived in Grafton, MA with my husband, Manny, for the past 21 years.  We have two adult children, Erika and Max.  I am an Integration Project Manager at eClinicalWorks in Westborough, MA. I have been collecting all types of elephants since I was a teenager, and love to travel around the world with my family.

My husband and I have owned our 2012 Audi A6 for 2 years and really enjoy going on road trips. We discovered and joined the North Atlantic Audi Club a little over a year ago and have become active participants. We had a lot of fun on the Vermont Covered Bridges tour, and were excited to find that Manny and I had square danced on one of the bridges years ago. Lunch outside at the Long Trail Brewing Company provided a nice break from the driving. We also participated in the South Shore Wine Tour which included driving through beautiful Newport, Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts on our way to the Westport Winery. The tour concluded with a dinner in New Bedford which Manny and I unfortunately had to miss because we had guests flying in for a visit. Hopefully you enjoyed reading about these outings as I wrote the Club’s articles for both adventures.

I am excited and hope to join the NAAC Board of Directors, and would enjoy assisting in creating and participating in the Club’s upcoming Audi adventures and activities.


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